Quality Control

All products are inspected by a trained professional before they are shipped to you. Packaging and cleanliness is given strict attention in order to maintain the value of the item being shipped.

Before any USED product is ever shipped by motionsurplus.com it goes through an intricate set of testing and cleaning procedures to be sure the component is in fine working order, looks good and is absolutely ready for installation and use. No USED items leave our warehouse without passing this complete series of tests or without meeting our high standards.

Product Acquisition

Our components are only original parts from the respective manufacturers, typically in original packaging with original seals. We acquire our parts from:

  • project surpluses
  • excess spare part items
  • warehouse and business dissolutions
  • buyouts of large and remnant items
  • insolvency sales and auctions


Our goal is to keep quantities listed accurately on our website. We are, however, unable to prevent two orders being placed at virtually the same time. We ask for your understanding in advance in the rare event that we are unable to place your order. If a product is unavailable due to this type of circumstance, you will be notified immediately to discuss and explore other solutions and options.